"This isn't about the next five years; this is about the next 50 years, for three generations from now." -Steve Perrault


As a grower-owned company, our business decisions are driven by a responsibility to maintain industry leading returns to growers and help ensure the financial stability of our local economies. Sustainable returns allow farms to invest in land, facilities and personnel, and expand operations to meet demand for responsibly-produced hops.


  • For every pound of hops we sell, 77% of the resulting revenue is returned to growers

  • 95% of YCH HOPS were sourced from Washington, Oregon and Idaho farms

  • 75% of the non-hop product related purchases were sourced from vendors and suppliers in the Pacific Northwest


We conduct an annual cost survey of farm-based, economic impacts. This survey serves several key functions:

1. FACILITATE collaboration between hop farms and YCH to better understand production costs and provide guidance for individual business plans to increase operational efficiency.

2. CREATE a baseline metric for our sustainable pricing program, allowing contract pricing for eligible breweries to be adjusted based on annual changes in production costs.

3. ESTABLISH annual Cost Per Acre metrics that allow growers and YCH to prepare for proposed farm expansions and budget any associated costs.