Kosher Parve

All Yakima Chief – Hopunion (YCH HOPS) whole leaf hop, hop pellet and hop extract products are certified Kosher Parve. Our production facilities in Yakima, WA and Sunnyside, WA pursue annual certification and are currently both certified through December 31, 2016.

Kosher certification is based on the codes of Jewish traditions that are detailed in the Talmud. In order to be Kosher certified, an organization must meet specific, comprehensive requirements in the production and processing of any products used for human consumption. From farm to consumer, a food product must not come in contact with specified animals, insects, reptiles or shellfish, must be slaughtered in a prescribed manner and meat and dairy products may not be consumed together. All aspects of agricultural production must be monitored for compliance including anything from equipment handling to chemicals used.

To download a copy of our current Kosher certification, click here.