Are Hops Genetically Modified (GMO)?

Short answer, no. YCH HOPS' products are composed entirely of hops bred by traditional breeding methods without deliberate, specific modification of the DNA of parent or progeny by molecular cloning methods. We certify that our hops are GMO-free and conform to all existing legislation/regulations of the United States, European Union, and other countries in force. More specifically, they are considered NOT genetically modified or NOT derived from a genetically modified organism as defined by EC Directives 1829/2003 on genetically modified food and feed and 1830/2003 on labeling and traceability, and any amending legislation. YCH HOPS’ products are natural ingredients produced from healthy hops, grown and manufactured without the use of synthetic or artificial additives or methods.

To download a copy of our Food Grade & Health Certificate, click here.