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Sorachi Ace

United States
Sorachi Ace

aroma profile: Citrus, Herbal

Developed in Japan in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries, Ltd., Sorachi Ace is a cross between Brewer's Gold, Saaz and Beikei No. 2 male. It is available in limited quantities, however, it remains a popular variety among craft brewers for its unique citrus fruit, herbal and dill aromas.

Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include lemon, lime and dill.

Brewing Values


Alpha Acid


Beta Acid


Total Oil

1.5-3 mL/100g
  • Alpha Acid
    11.5 - 14.5%
  • Beta Acid
    6 - 7.5%
  • Co-humulone
    25 - 28%
  • Total Oil
    1.5 - 3 mL/100g
  • B-Pinene
    0.5 - 0.8% of total oil
  • Myrcene
    45 - 55% of total oil
  • Linalool
    0.3 - 0.5% of total oil
  • Caryophyllene
    7 - 11% of total oil
  • Farnesene
    2 - 5% of total oil
  • Humulene
    20 - 26% of total oil
  • Geraniol
    0.1 - 0.5% of total oil

8 Brewer Reviews


I've used this in a variety of styles to stretch the dimensions of the hop profile. I've appreciated it for dry hopping and really fell for it's aromatic quality. It's use in bittering I've experimented less but has quit a lot of appeal in a spiced blonde I brewed last year

Tony Garcia | Jul 10th, 2016

A friend of mine told me about this calling it his favorite. Have brewed several batches with it including a lemon cream ale and it's a crowd favorite for sure. Out of a Belgian wit, white IPA and Citra ale, the hands down favorite was the blonde with Crystal and Sorachi Ace hops. Natural creaminess and smooth citrus flavor. Dry hopped for 5 days and it was perfect.

Brian | Jul 20th, 2016

If I could give this a zero I would. I brewed a series of SMASH beers with this, Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and a few others. Both myself and those who I have had sample it get nothing but a big dill pickle aroma and flavor. I don't know about you but pickle beer is not what I am after. I had heard it is lemon-shh... All I get is pickle and its a "dill breaker".

Bryan | Aug 25th, 2016

I bought Sorachi Ace hops based on loving some beers a local brewpub had done with them. They achieved a very lemony accent which was delicious.

Unfortunately, my results were not the same. I got much more of a heavy dill flavor that overpowered the lemon flavor.

I give this 3 stars because I've tasted how good they can be, but homebrewers should be careful with them. Could end up with either a big hit or a big miss.

Jerry Winner | Oct 10th, 2016

Bryan, if you're using Sorachi Ace and don't like it, you're doing it wrong. I've used this as a complete amateur with great results. If you're looking for a professional recommendation look no further than Weird Beard's 'Defacer'.

David | Dec 22nd, 2016

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