A Dual Purpose hop

Bramling Cross

United Kingdom
Bramling Cross

aroma profile: Spicy, Fruity

Developed at Wye College by Professor Salmon. Often used in traditional cask conditioned beers due to its distinct characteristics.

Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include strong spice, blackcurrant, loganberry and lemon.

Brewing Values


Alpha Acid


Beta Acid


Total Oil

0.7-1 mL/100g
  • Alpha Acid
    5 - 7%
  • Beta Acid
    2.3 - 3.2%
  • Co-humulone
    33 - 35%
  • Total Oil
    0.7 - 1 mL/100g
  • Myrcene
    35 - 37% of total oil
  • Caryophyllene
    14.9 - 15.1% of total oil
  • Farnesene
    < 1.0% of total oil
  • Humulene
    29.9 - 30.1% of total oil
  • Geraniol
    0 - 0% of total oil

3 Brewer Reviews


I used this in an amber Bier de Garde. It works really well in Belgian beers where you want some spice and some fruit, and want it to complement and add dimension to the artifacts from the yeast.

Bob | Dec 13th, 2016

I find this hop is absolutely wonderful. I made a SMaSH beer using Maris Otter and Bramling Cross which I fermented on WLP005. The rough recipe for 5 gallons at 1.045 OG used 9lbs of MO and additions of 1oz of Bramling Cross at 60, 15, 10, and 5 minutes, plus 1oz at flameout.

I find this hop adds a clean hoppy-herbal aroma with hints of orange marmelade, orange zest and lemon peel, with slight grapefruit notes. It also has a subtle but noticeable spiciness to it, vaguely reminding me of ginger root. It's bitterness is pleasant and strong without being sharp. The other flavors in the beer include and apricot/cherry ester which I attribute to the yeast, and a somewhat nutty, ladyfingers/biscuits flavor from the malt.

Tom | Mar 26th, 2017

I wanted to see the contribution of this hop. I used it exclusively in a Rye Beer. First wort, 20 minutes, whirlpool and dry hopped. Imparted a heavy black cherry flavor that worked surprisingly well.

It's a welcome departure from all the hip new "citrusy" hop varieties that have been flooding the market.

Todd | Jun 17th, 2017

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