Whole Leaf Hops

Leaf Hops Baled on the Farm for Your Brewery

Whole leaf hops are the dried and pressed inflorescences of female hop plants. The cones are removed from the plants, kiln-dried to 8.5-10.5% moisture, and pressed into bales on the farms where they are grown – all within hours of being harvested in the field. Leaf hops embody the characteristics of the variety, as well as the unique aspects of their field, growing season, and farm management systems. Leaf hops are suitable for use in all stages of brewing, from kettle bittering through dry-hopping in the fermenter. They are supplied to brewers as whole, quarter, or mini bales, ready for immediate use.

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  • Compressed, whole cones
  • Never processed, only dried
  • Full traceability
  • Oxygen-free packaging
  • Stored cold until delivery

Packaging Types

Whole Bale (200 lbs.)

Quarter Bale (~50 lb)

Mini Bale (~11 lb)

1 oz / 28.3 grams

1 lb / 454 grams

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