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CO2 Hop Extract Derived Products

Resinate® CO2 hop extract derived products are produced from soft hop pellets by supercritical CO 2 extraction. CO2 hop extract is the pure resin extract of hops containing alpha acids, beta acids and hop oils. Through further separation, additional Resinate® products are produced and offer many brew house benefits. Efficiencies can include clean bitterness and hop aroma, enhanced foam stability, and/or post-fermentation bittering capabilities.

# Name File Size
1 Resinate® Co2 Hop Extract Product Overview 1.41 MB
2 Resinate® Co2 Hop Extract Calculators 1.25 MB
3 Resinate® Co2 Hop Extract Product Data Sheet 528.44 KB
4 Ych Hops Resinate® Hexa Product Sheet 298.99 KB
5 Ych Hops Resinate® Tetra Product Sheet 296.92 KB
6 Ych Hops Resinate® Ike Product Sheet 276.87 KB
7 Ych Hops Resinate® Iso Product Data Sheet 300.89 KB
8 Ych Hops Resinate® Iso Product Overview 983.34 KB
9 Ych Hops Resinate® Rho Product Sheet 291.27 KB
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Increased alpha utilization
  • Increased brew house yields
  • Variety specific hop character
  • Long-term storage

Packaging Types

150 GMA / 0.5 Kilo Tin

300 GMA / 1 Kilo Tin

Custom 2 Kilo Tin

Custom 3 Kilo Tin

Custom 4 Kilo Tin

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