Hop Pellets

Produced to Ensure Consistency

Hop pellets are produced from dried, whole leaf hops which have been hammer-milled into a uniform powder and pressed through a pellet die. Leaf hops vary in oil and vegetative content, so pellet compression is fine-tuned to achieve a consistent density for repeatable brewing, batch after batch. Production processes are designed to protect and preserve hop resins by continually monitoring temperature and cooling the pellet die. Hop pellets retain all of their natural lupulin and cone material, and can be used as a full replacement for whole hops having a longer shelf life, taking up less storage space, and generally being easier to handle. Pellet hops are offered to brewers in 11 and 44 pound, light-resistant packaging which has been nitrogen flushed to ensure freshness for up to three years from production date in cold storage conditions.

# Name File Size
1 T 90 Hop Pellets 773.05 KB
  • Dried, ground hops
  • Low density, low temperature
  • Nitrogen flushed
  • Strict quality control
  • Variety specific
  • Unique proprietary blends

Packaging Types

2 x 22 lb / 2 x 10 kilo

4 x 11 lb / 4 x 5 kilo

44 lb / 20 kilo

1 oz. / 28.3 grams

1 lb. / 454 grams

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