Green Hops®

Harvest Fresh from Farm to kettle


Green Hops® are the most unpredictable, yet exciting form of hops available. They are harvested fresh as whole, wet cones at the farm, and are shipped to customers for immediate brewing within 36 hours of harvest. Their unadulterated state creates a host of logistical challenges, but endows each harvest with an enticing flavor profile that can only be enjoyed once per year. For brewers and consumers alike, the vibrant flavors found in fresh hop beers are a simple reminder of, and tribute to, beer’s agricultural roots. Our Green Hops® program occurs once per year with delivery during harvest. We offer brewers a selection of six different varieties in two packaging types. Orders for 2016 Green Hops® will be accepted from May 3 - August 15, 2016. To request an order, download the 2016 Green Hops® Order Form from the documents below.

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  • Whole, wet cones
  • Vibrant, herbal aromas
  • Once a year availability
  • Immediate brewing
  • Direct connection to farm

Packaging Types

10 lb. Box
UPS Shipping

25 lb. Box

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