American Noble Hops™

Designed to provide Pacific Northwest aroma & flavor with reduced bitterness.

American Noble Hops™ pellets are designed to share traditional noble hop variety characteristics, including high aromatics and low alpha acids, while retaining regional hop characteristics that make them unique to America's Pacific Northwest. American Noble Hops™ pellets are a high-quality, consistent solution for providing nuanced flavors and aromas from varieties like Cascade, Citra®, Mosaic® and Simcoe®, making them perfect for Pilsner, Kölsch, Blonde, Saison and Sour beer styles.

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1 Ych Hops Noble Hops Product Overview 327.28 KB
  • Unique flavor profiles from high-resin hops
  • Noble hop replacement with reliable supply
  • High-quality, low-alpha product
  • Low cost alternative
  • Source of polyphenols & antioxidants
  • Controlled, nitrogen-rich production environment
  • Solvent, heat & pressure free processing

Packaging Types

1 x 11 lb Pellets

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