Melvin Brewing Company wins Alpha King 2013


Congratulations to Kirk McHale of Melvin Brewing Company/Thai Me Up Restaurant for claiming the 2013 Alpha King Crown!

In 2012, as a first time Alpha King entrant, Thai Me Up took the competition by storm and captured the crown with 2x4, a self-proclaimed quadruple pale ale (Imperial IPA). 2013 was no exception. In a field of 136 hop forward entries, representing more than 90 commercial craft breweries, 2x4 dominated the competition, earning top honors and taking home the crown.

When asked about their winning beer, owner Jeremy Tofte touted it's clarity, smoothness and refreshing citrus taste. Tofte praised his team for their creativity in the brew house claiming "nothing like it has been done in Wyoming before."

The entries in this year's Alpha King Challenge represented many of the most notable, hop-forward breweries in the nation. With entries from Beachwood BBQ, Bear Republic, Berryessa, Boneyard, Equinox, Il Vicino, In the Current, La Cumbre, Melvin, Pizza Port Ocean Beach and Pizza Port San Clemente advancing to the final round, the stage was set for a truly epic, battle of the brews.

While the road to victory was steep and filled with many worthy contenders, the judges had no problem picking the top entry. For the second year in a row, Kirk McHale of Melvin Brewing Company in Jackson, Wyoming ascended to the throne with 2x4, an Imperial IPA. Second place was awarded to Il Vicino Brewing Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico for Exodus IPA, from brewer Brady McKeown, and third place, Rip Current Brewing Company of San Marcos, California with In the Current Imperial IPA from brewer Paul Sangster.

Named in honor of Three Floyd’s Alpha King Pale Ale, the Alpha King Challenge is an annual competition held during the Great American Beer Festival® and is open to commercially licensed breweries throughout the United States. Entries are judged on overall quality and balance of flavor, and must have a minimum 60 IBUs (no barley wines allowed).

To view the 2013 Champion's video featuring Melvin Brewing Company/Thai Me Restuarant, click here .