Hop Comparison: Vanguard vs. Ultra

Hop Comparison: Vanguard vs. Ultra

June 29, 2016 / Hop Varieties

You’re in the midst of your pre-brew-day prep and putting pen to paper as you concoct your next recipe. With a few beer styles in mind, you open up your cooler to evaluate your current hop stash, wondering where to even begin. Before heading to Google to search for inspiration, stop by the hop varieties page on our website (ychhops.com) and utilize the hop comparison tool. Here you have the ability to select up to three varieties and view them side-by-side as you decide on the best fit for your brew.

For example, imagine you are deciding on the best aroma hop for a refreshing summer Witbier and you spot Vanguard and Ultra in your supply. By clicking the "Compare" button below these two varieties and then clicking "Compare" at the top of the page, you can view them side-by-side. Here, you are able to see that they are both aroma varieties, however there is variation in their alpha acid with Vanguard ranging from 4.5-6.5% and Ultra ranging from 9.2-9.7%.

In their descriptions, you also notice that they are both members of the Hallertau family, making them noble-type varieties great for German-style beers and your pending summer wheat. Despite these similarities, you realize that Vanguard and Ultra have different aroma characteristics. Vanguard is described as having strong cedar aromas while Ultra is known for its more complex floral and spicy notes. Based on the hop comparison tool, you decide to add Ultra hops to the end of your boil, as floral and spicy aromatics would make for a deliciously crisp German-style wheat beer.

Be sure to bookmark the hop varieties page on your browser! We hope you find this to be a helpful function on our website and invite you to write reviews on the varieties you have brewed with as well.

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