New Home Brew Packaging

New Home Brew Packaging

December 21, 2015 / News & Events

As we approach the holidays and the end of 2015, we reflect on and celebrate our first full year as Yakima Chief – Hopunion. Among the many exciting changes that we experienced these past 12 months, we are pleased to announce the release of our newly redesigned, YCH HOPS home brew packaging.

As a 100% grower-owned global hop supplier, our mission at Yakima Chief – Hopunion is to connect family farms with the world’s finest brewers. We are happy to say, this includes home brewers. Our redesigned packaging still delivers the same premium quality hops as the former Hopunion, LLC small packs, but now directly reflects the spirit of our mission and beautifully showcases our YCH HOPS hop products brand.

As a brewer, you’ll notice that we have included a photo and short description of a YCH HOPS grower-owner on every 1 ounce and 1 pound package of hop pellet and whole leaf hops. This is important to us as a company, because our growers are the cornerstone of our business. They offer more than 1,000 years of combined farming experience and have some of the most incredible stories layered into each of their family farms. Their innovative techniques, commitment to quality, pioneering spirit, and endurance through years of changing market demands are nothing short of amazing. Through our new packaging, we hope each and every brewer will have the opportunity to get to know the growers and family farms from which their great home-brewed beers begin.

As the transition between Hopunion and YCH HOPS packaging begins to occur, it is important to note, all of our hops still come with a 100% quality guarantee. Each package includes more than 35 years of pelleting experience and 5 years of small volume product packaging in our custom small pack plant, the first of its kind for the home brew industry. Each YCH HOPS home brew product is packaged in light-resistant, nitrogen flushed packaging to minimize oxidation and ensure an ideal storage environment. This allows all YCH HOPS home brew products to have a 3 year shelf life under cold storage conditions (ideally near freezing).

With ISO-9001 quality management system certified operations in both Sunnyside and Yakima, Washington, we are proud to produce the highest quality hop products with sustainable manufacturing and growing practices in mind. Alpha Analytics, our quality control laboratory, also helps to ensure that we continue to deliver premium hop products, as they provide accurate, lot specific and lab tested data including alpha and beta acid percentages on every package.

The new packaging is currently on the production line and has already begun shipping out to local home brew stores throughout the US. While you may see Hopunion packaging alongside our new YCH HOPS small packs, rest assured both have been packed within the same quality metrics and contain your favorite hop products. As we ring in the New Year with the launch of our new YCH HOPS home brew packaging design, we wish you happy holidays and a hoppy brew year!

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I love how the new packaging looks and knowing some of the background stories of the different growers, as a home brewer to me it connects my brew with the men and women who work so hard in the back ground to help me make the best home brew I can.

Melvin Machado | Jan 20th, 2016

Modify the new packages to allow easy access to the bar codes. Currently the bar codes are partially hidden when the package is sealed, making it hard to receive the packages into inventory and hard to sell them as well. Relocate the codes to the package edge, so the code runs up the side?

Everett | Jan 20th, 2016

Beautiful packaging, but I second the suggestion on the bar code. most packages can't be read by my scanner.

Jeff | Jan 20th, 2016

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