New Brewing Tool: Lot Analysis Lookup

New Brewing Tool: Lot Analysis Lookup

September 19, 2016 / News & Events

YCH HOPS is pleased to announce the launch of a new website feature, Lot Analysis Lookup, under "Brewing Tools" at ychhops.com. This tool allows brewers the ability to retrieve comprehensive, on-demand lot analysis data for any hop purchase, from any location or device.

All YCH HOPS packaging is labeled with a corresponding lot number. This number can be entered into the lot analysis lookup function to view quality control data from our laboratory including: variety name, crop year, brewing values, oil content, hop storage index (HSI), moisture content and more.

Through this new feature, commercial brewers and home brewers alike will have increased access to valuable hop variety and brewing information. In addition, all of the information found through the lot analysis feature is identical to the Certificate of Analysis provided to commercial brewers. This ensures that all customers have unlimited, on-demand access to lot specific analysis for all hop products. Up to three lots can be reviewed at once, and directly downloaded from the website (or printed) for easy recipe inclusion.

As a company committed to preserving our natural resources, one of the biggest benefits of this tool is environmental sustainability. Under current parameters, there is a small delay between production and shipping due to analysis time. This results in our production team having to stage product prior to shipping, causing them to wrap and label the product twice – at time of production and again following analysis.

By providing brewers with direct access to lot specific data, the need to provide alpha on commercial packaging labels will be eliminated. This alone will save more than 6,000 pounds of plastic wrap from landfill waste each year. With 100% of product labeling being done on the line, our operations crew will experience efficiency in production by transporting each product only once, saving labor, forklift use, fuel, emissions and ultimately allowing product to be shipment ready earlier in the season. This greatly contributes to our sustainability efforts and allows you the brewers to see increased efficiency in order turn-around time as well. Home brewers will see no change in the one pound and one ounce labeling.

We appreciate the support of our customers as we pursue our aggressive sustainability goals in the hopes of leaving the environment a better place for future hop growing and brewing generations to come. We hope that you find the new lot analysis lookup feature on our website to be a helpful new tool and welcome your feedback as we make this transition.

To use the new Lot Analysis Lookup feature, visit To utilize the Lot Analysis Lookup feature, click "Brewing Tools" or save and share https://ychhops.com/brewing-tools/lot-lookup.

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