Story of A Logo...

Story of A Logo...

August 07, 2015 / News & Events

By now, you’ve probably seen our new YCH HOPS logo; we’ve uploaded it on social media platforms, launched Hop Wire, and unveiled it at events, including the Craft Brewers Conference and National Homebrewers Conference. While you may have seen the logo out and about, you may not be familiar with the meaning or story behind it. With that in mind, we’d like to offer a “behind the scenes" look at the design process and how we came to create the new graphic.

The process began in August 2014 with the formation of Yakima Chief - Hopunion LLC and its brand, YCH HOPS. It was at this time that we were tasked with building a brand based on the core components of our business -- our grower-owners and our location in the heart of hop country. The palette to represent our company was completely clean. As a marketing team, we couldn't really imagine anything more exciting than that.

The initial goal for the logo was to create a graphic that not only visually represented our industry and products well, but also symbolized what we stand for and who we are as a company. During an early meeting for our new company, the executive team presented the mission, vision, and values for YCH. It was during this meeting that the concept for the logo was born. The core of every presentation and passion of every speaker was rooted in the idea that Yakima Chief - Hopunion was formed "to connect family farms with the world's finest brewers." When all is said and done, the word connection is really what its all about...

The 4 essential elements of the YCH HOPS logo mark:

1. The logo mark overall is a strong, bold, stylized representation of a hop cone. It is green to reflect the fresh, quality hop products we supply and emphasize growth through the brands’ sustainable, environmental mindset.

2. Inside the above hop cone are two rings that form the hop petals. This bottom ring represents our grower-owners and their family farms. It is rough and gritty like a hop bine and features five buds that represent our five core values: passion, respect, integrity, dedication & excellence.

3. The top ring represents you, the brewers, and your breweries or home brew. It is smooth and sleek like a brew kettle, representing the stainless steel, industrial atmosphere you brew in.

4. The rings together are linked, and symbolize the essential connection between growers and brewers.

All together the YCH HOPS logo is a hop cone with a symbol of our mission at the heart of it "to connect family farms to the world’s finest brewers."

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