Early September Crop Update

Early September Crop Update

September 06, 2016 / Farming

Weather, in general, has remained favorable in all hop growing areas of the Pacific Northwest so far with the exception of an isolated hail event in Idaho over the weekend. Cooler temperatures and a chance of precipitation are in the forecast for the coming week.

Yield data is starting to come in from many farms on early varieties. Once again, Centennial yields are disappointing in Oregon. Centennial yields in Washington are generally better than last year, but there is a high degree of variability largely attributed to unseasonable heat during training time. Some yards have bounced back from disappointing 2015 crop yields and some are off 2-3 bales per acre from last year.

While the overall Cascade crop is good in Oregon, viroids seem to be adversely affecting a significant portion of the early Washington and Idaho Cascade crop. Much of the most negatively affected yards have been picked and most of what is left to be picked looks solid. The Idaho crop is down a bit from last year.

Simcoe® yields are normal in most areas with a wide range of variability in this year’s baby crop. Quality is excellent and we expect the supply will meet demand. Citra® yields on a very limited amount harvested so far seem to be down a bit from last year but quality is good and production is expected to meet demand with limited spot availability. The Mosaic® crop still looks solid.

Very few alpha hops have been harvested, but growers remain optimistic for a normal to good crop in most areas.

The Amarillo® crop looks much improved over last year when the heat and drought affected a significant acre of production.

It is early in harvest, but even with the large degree of variability, growers remain optimistic the crop will be within the range of 5 year averages for most varieties. Stay tuned for more details as the harvest progresses.

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