Crop Update September

Crop Update September

September 07, 2015 / Farming

The weather cooperated very well for growers in all PNW growing regions last week. And the forecast for next week looks favorable also with little rain or wind predicted at this point. There should be gradual warming with temperatures in the 90’s forecast for Saturday.

The quality of the 2015 crop has been excellent so far this year, with very few exceptions. Growers have done an outstanding job of controlling pests and maintaining quality under some challenging weather and water conditions.

Centennial yields have been disappointing in all growing regions. Oregon yields were generally improved over the past two years, but still off of the 5-year average. Early noble hops in all growing regions were adversely affected by the unseasonable heat in May and June.

The Cascade crop is in full swing in most areas with yields coming in average or slightly above average. What looked like a big crop in Idaho is now expected to be average. Oregon’s warm summer was conducive to good yields. Washington is a mixed bag, but overall the crop is expected to be slightly above average overall.

Simcoe® harvest is over in many areas. Yields were mixed in the Reservation area, but higher than expected in Oregon and the Lower Valley. Moxee is picking out as projected. Quality is outstanding this year.

There is not enough yield data available on other varieties to establish a trend, but it is expected that all later picked varieties will be average or slightly above average at this point.

*Simcoe® YCR 14 cv. is a registered trademark of Select Botanicals Group, LLC (Brand YCR) and/or Hop Breeding Company LLC (Brand HBC).

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