Crop Update August

Crop Update August

August 31, 2015 / Farming

Hop harvest has begun in all growing regions in the Pacific Northwest. Heavy winds and local rainfall impeded progress in Oregon and Washington over the weekend, and had many growers scrambling to repair trellis and pick up fallen vines, but no major trellis collapses were reported. The forecast calls for a week of cooler temperatures, less wind, and low chances of precipitation. The cooler weather is welcome by growers and harvest crews.

Yields were disappointing in many of the early picked Oregon varieties. Early maturing noble varieties such as Golding, Willamette, and Fuggle were adversely affected by the hot summer temperatures. The harvest of the Centennial crop is almost complete. Overall yields appear to be improved over last year, but still off the state averages of four years ago. The Oregon Simcoe® crop looks good and quality is outstanding. Some growers are picking Cascade and even Nugget to take loads off of trellis, so yield data is spotty. But it appears to be a good year for Cascade, Nugget and other later maturing Oregon varieties.

In Idaho, harvest has just begun and there is very little yield data at this time. It appears that Simcoe® yields are meeting expectations. Yields on Cascades are average to slightly above average. Mid to late maturing varieties appear good to very good at this point.

Harvest began late last week for many growers in Washington. Willamette yields have been a bit disappointing in most areas. Early picked Simcoe® yards are a mixed bag, but overall production should meet expectations. Centennial yields have been disappointing. Some Cascades have been harvested and yields have been encouraging to this point.

Alphas on the early season aroma varieties have been at or slightly lower than five year averages.

*Simcoe® YCR 14 cv. is a registered trademark of Select Botanicals Group, LLC (Brand YCR) and/or Hop Breeding Company LLC (Brand HBC).

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