August Crop Update

August Crop Update

August 29, 2016 / Farming

Hop harvest has begun in the Pacific Northwest. Early varieties were picked in Oregon almost two weeks ago. Yields appear to be at or near expectations and quality is good so far.

Several growers in Washington started late last week with the remaining growers starting harvest this week. Idaho growers were starting harvest late last week.

Oregon appears to have a solid crop. Yields are at 5 year averages and quality is good. There is a long way to go, but weather conditions were generally favorable and Oregon’s crop look good so far.

There is a wide degree of variability in the Cascade crop in both Washington and Idaho. Unseasonable heat in the spring created challenges for making decisions on training dates. Early trained Cascades are being picked early and in most cases, yields are down from last year. Later picked Cascades look good and we expect a normal crop.

Centennial yields in all growing regions appear to be higher than last year, but it remains to be seen whether contracts will be filled. Quality is good.

Simcoe® yields appear to be normal in all growing regions, but harvest is just beginning. Simcoe® and Citra® yields in Idaho appear to be down a bit from a good year in 2015. Quality is excellent in early harvest Simcoe®. The Mosaic® crop will be picked next month, but the crop looks solid.

With few exceptions, the alpha crop looks good. The Nugget crop in Oregon looks good and weather conditions have been conducive to decent CTZ crops in both Washington and Oregon.

The Amarillo® crop looks much improved over last year when the heat and drought affected a significant acre of production.

It is early in harvest, but barring any major weather events such as wind, rain, or excessive heat, the Pacific Northwest crop looks variable, but solid overall. Stay tuned for more details as the harvest progresses.

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