Frequently Answered Questions

Hop Products

What packaging sizes are available?

YCH HOPS offers a variety of commercial packaging configurations to best suit our customers' needs. Most of our hop pellets are supplied in 44 lb / 20 kilo increments. These can be configured as (1) 44 lb / 20 kilo bag, (2) 22 lb / 10 kilo bags or (4) 11 lb / 5 kilo bags. Domestic raw hops can be purchased in 200 lb full bales, 50 lb quarter bales or 11 lb mini bales. Imported raw hops are also available as full bales, half bales, quarter bales or mini bales, however, weights vary by variety.

YCH HOPS also supplies home brew retailers with one ounce and one pound packaging in both pellet and raw hop form.

Does YCH HOPS supply organic hops?

Yes. YCH HOPS is a strong supporter of 100% organic beers. We are increasingly committed to expanding our organic selection, however, current availability is limited to import varieties. We are happy to discuss your organic needs, so please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can assist you.

Does YCH HOPS offer downstream (or advanced) hop products?

YCH HOPS offers a variety of downstream products under our Resinate® product line. This includes variety specific CO2 hop extract. Please consult the "Hop Products" portion of our website for more information.

How should I store my hops and how long will my hops stay fresh?

Hops should be stored in a refrigerated environment void of oxygen and light. When properly stored and sealed, hop products typically have a "best use" date of three years. The major exception being full size, whole-leaf hop bales (18 months). It is important to note that "best use" dates are not expiration dates; hops can, and often do, retain their brewing values for longer periods of time.

Does YCH HOPS sell hop rhizomes?

No. For personal growing, we recommend contacting your local home brew supply store. They're typically a great resource! For commercial quantities, visit USA Hops' directory under "Hop Planting Stock."