Frequently Answered Questions

Hop Contracts and Spot Availability

What is the purpose of a hop contract? Why should I contract my hops?

Hop contracts allow both YCH HOPS and our grower-owners the opportunity to efficiently coordinate the supply/demand of our most popular hop varieties. Contracts ensure brewers’ access to the hop varieties and brewing quantities they require while simultaneously allowing our growers the ability to account for future growth and plant hop varieties according to customer needs. As a result of this coordination, contract breweries of any size can achieve significant cost savings.

How do I establish a hop contract?

YCH HOPS and The Country Malt Group have established a strategic partnership to ensure that all brewing customers receive the highest quality products and customer service. This partnership is based on annual production and region as outlined below:

  • Pacific Northwest 1,000 bbls
  • Pacific 2,500 bbls
  • Mountain West 2,500 bbls
  • Midwest 2,500 bbls
  • Northeast 5,000 bbls
  • South 5,000 bbls

If your brewery is currently producing more than the provided threshold, we encourage you to contact YCH HOPS directly at If you are a new customer, please complete and submit a New Customer Account Request Form at the same time. If your brewery is producing less than the listed threshold, please click here to contact The Country Malt Group.

Once an account has been established, your YCH HOPS Regional Sales Manager will be in contact regarding availability and the quoting processes. For a smooth process, please have in mind the varieties, quantities, pack types/sizes and crop year you are looking to contract.

Is there a minimum contract quantity?

$7,000 per year is our minimum contract value. If you are looking for smaller quantities we encourage you to contact our exclusive, North American distributor, The Country Malt Group.

Do you have a price and availability list?

Current spot hop availability can be located under Connect > Commercial Brewers. You can also click here to access the page.

Why are some hops sold out?

Simply stated, hops are an unpredictable agricultural commodity that cannot be infinitely produced. We do our best at YCH HOPS to procure the varieties and quantities that meet our customers’ needs, however, some elements remain beyond our control. As a result, we encourage hop contracts to help eliminate speculation and ensure that our supply adequately meets brewer demand.

What is the difference between contract year and brewing year?

YCH HOPS contracts are based off the year the hops were harvested. For example, 2016 contracts are for hops that were harvested during the fall of 2016. Due to receiving and production, these hops are actually shipped and utilized in the brew house during calendar (or brewing) year 2017.

How far in advance can I contract hops?

We are currently contracting hops through 2021. At a minimum, we recommend breweries contract three years into the future, especially for high-demand varieties.