Frequently Answered Questions

Home Brewing

Do you offer hop samples to home brewers?

No. We do encourage you to try new hops though and are always happy to hear what you think!

Does YCH HOPS sell to home brewers?

No. Rather, we'd love to encourage you to support your local home brew supply retailer. For a list of locations carrying YCH HOPS products, please visit our Store Locator. If you are a retailer looking to purchase YCH HOPS, contact Brewcraft USA or LD Carlson Company.

How can I get my home brew retail store included in your store locator?

If you are a home brew retailer supplying YCH HOPS products, we'd love to have you featured on our website. You can submit your store details via e-mail to Please include your name, street address, city, state, postal code, business phone and website URL. Upon receipt, we will update our site and confirm your listing within 1-2 business days.