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Frequently Answered Questions


Where do you purchase your hops?

We purchase our hops from the finest hop-growing regions in the world including the Pacific Northwest, England, Germany, France, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand.

You can learn more about our grower-owners by visiting the Our Growers page.

When are hops harvested and how soon can I expect hop pellets?

The Pacific Northwest hop harvest begins with low alpha aroma varieties during the last week of August and continues through late September or early October with higher alpha varieties. Due to the agricultural nature of hops, harvest schedules/windows vary based on yield and maturity. Production begins as soon as hops are received and continues through the beginning of the following year (September - March).

Alpha Analytics often publishes information regarding this very topic. Please feel free to visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

Hop Products

Does YCH HOPS sell hop rhizomes?

Unfortunately, YCH HOPS does not offer hop rhizomes. If you are looking to purchase hop rhizomes, we encourage you to contact your local home brew supply retailer to inquire about availability or visit USA Hops' directory under "Hop Planting Stock."

Does YCH HOPS offer downstream (or advanced) hop products?

Yes. YCH HOPS offers a variety of downstream products under our Resinate® product line. This includes variety specific CO2 hop extract. Please consult the "Hop Products" portion of our website for more information.

How should I store my hops and how long will my hops stay fresh?

The two most important elements affecting hop quality are exposure to heat and oxidation. Hops should always be stored in a refrigerated environment (as close to freezing temperature as possible) in air-tight, light-resistant packaging.

Properly sealed and stored YCH HOPS products have the following "Best Use" recommendations:

  • Whole Leaf Hops - 18 months for full bales, 3 years for vacuum packed quarter bales and mini bales
  • Hop Pellets - 3 years
  • CO2 Hop Extract - 3 years

Does YCH HOPS supply organic hops?

Yes. YCH HOPS is a strong supporter of 100% organic beers. We are increasingly committed to expanding our organic selection, however, current availability is limited to import varieties. We are happy to discuss your organic needs, so please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can assist you.

What packaging sizes are available?

YCH HOPS offers a variety of commercial packaging configurations to best suit our customers' needs. Most of our hop pellets are supplied in 44 lb / 20 kilo increments. These can be configured as (1) 44 lb / 20 kilo bag, (2) 22 lb / 10 kilo bags or (4) 11 lb / 5 kilo bags. Domestic raw hops can be purchased in 200 lb full bales, 50 lb quarter bales or 11 lb mini bales. Imported raw hops are also available as full bales, half bales, quarter bales or mini bales, however, weights vary by variety.

YCH HOPS also supplies home brew retailers with one ounce and one pound packaging in both pellet and raw hop form.

Hop Contracts and Spot Availability

What is the difference between contract year and brewing year?

Each of our contracts is based off of the year that the hops were harvested. For example, 2015 contracts are for hops that were harvested during the fall of 2015. Due to receiving and production, these hops are actually shipped and utilized in the brew house during calendar (or brewing) year 2016.

How far in advance can I contract hops?

We are currently contracting hops through 2020, however, this may not be the best timeline for everyone. At the minimum, we recommend that you contract three years into the future, especially for high demand varieties. The more information we have regarding your needs, the better equipped we are to communicate with our grower-owners and appropriately increase supply.

Why are some hops sold out?

Simply stated, hops are an unpredictable agricultural commodity that cannot be infinitely produced. We do our best at YCH HOPS to procure the varieties and quantities that meet our customers’ needs, however, some elements remain beyond our control. As a result, we encourage hop contracts to help eliminate speculation and ensure that our supply adequately meets brewer demand.

How do I establish a hop contract?

YCH HOPS and The Country Malt Group have established a strategic partnership to ensure that all brewing customers receive the highest quality products and customer service. This partnership is based on annual production and region as outlined below:

  • Pacific Northwest 1,000 bbls
  • Pacific 2,500 bbls
  • Mountain West 2,500 bbls
  • Midwest 2,500 bbls
  • Northeast 5,000 bbls
  • South 5,000 bbls

If your brewery is currently producing more than the provided threshold, we encourage you to contact YCH HOPS directly at hops@ychhops.com. If you are a new customer, please complete and submit a New Customer Account Request Form at the same time. If your brewery is producing less than the listed threshold, please click here to contact The Country Malt Group.

Once an account has been established, your YCH HOPS Regional Sales Manager will be in contact regarding availability and the quoting processes. For a smooth process, please have in mind the varieties, quantities, pack types/sizes and crop year you are looking to contract.

Is there a minimum order quantity for hop contacts?

$7,000 per year is our minimum contract value. While this can seem large to someone just starting out, the total value can be spread across multiple varieties and pack sizes. We are able to contract hops in any multiple of our standard packaging sizes (ie: 44# pellets, full bales, ¼ bales, mini bales, etc.).

If you are looking for smaller quantities we encourage you to contact our exclusive North American distributor, The Country Malt Group.

Do you have a price and availability list?

YCH HOPS publishes an annual price list, however, due to the nature of agricultural commodities, availability is subject to change. It is important to note that sometimes availability changes in your favor as we are able to secure additional acreage or hops!

Please contact your YCH HOPS Regional Sales Coordinators at 1-800-952-4873 to obtain the most current listing.

What is the purpose of a hop contract? Why should I contract my hops?

Hop contracts allow both YCH HOPS and our grower-owners the opportunity to efficiently coordinate the supply/demand of our most popular hop varieties. Contracts ensure brewers’ access to the hop varieties and brewing quantities they require while simultaneously allowing our growers the ability to account for future growth and plant hop varieties according to customer needs. As a result of this coordination, contract breweries of any size can achieve significant cost savings.

Home Brewing

How can I get my home brew retail store included in your store locator?

If you are a home brew retailer supplying YCH HOPS products, we'd love to get you featured on our website. Simply send an e-mail to hops@ychhops.com with all of your current information, including store name, address, phone and website. Upon receipt, we'll get everything updated and live on the site within 48 hours.

Does YCH HOPS sell to home brewers?

YCH HOPS does not sell directly to home brewers, however, we do supply a full selection of YCH HOPS hops in one ounce and one pound packaging to home brew retailers. For a list of locations carrying YCH HOPS products, please visit our Store Locator.

Do you offer hop samples to home brewers?

At this time, YCH HOPS does not offer hop samples to home brewers.


What is hop toxicity and how does it affect my dog (or pet)?

As the hobby of home brewing continues to grow, it is increasingly important to raise awareness regarding the risk of hop toxicity in pets, specifically dogs. The exact toxic principle is unknown, however, when spent hops are ingested malignant hyperthermia can develop. Symptoms include uncontrolled, elevated body temperature, increased breathing, racing heart, anxiety, vomiting, and abnormal clotting. Symptoms can escalate quickly and if left untreated, can result in death. Any breed of dog may be affected, but greyhound, labrador retriever, saint bernard, pointer, doberman, border collie, English springer spaniel, and northern breeds are at higher risk. If your pet has consumed spent hops, please contact your vet or the animal poison control center (888) 426-4435 immediately.

Contact Us

What are your hours of operation?

We are open and actively manning the phone lines from 7am - 4pm PST, Monday through Friday. If you happen to call and no one is available to answer, please leave us a message or shoot us an e-mail at hops@ychhops.com. We'll do our best to return your message within 24 hours.