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Hop & Brew School

Hop & Brew School

08/30/2016 - 09/02/2016

Registration will open Monday, June 5, 2017 at 8:00 AM PST.

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Submerged in the heart of hop country, Hop & Brew School is an annual event offering brewers and beer lovers the opportunity to personally experience the thrill of hop harvest at YCH HOPS. This annual event is a direct reflection of our mission—to connect our family farms with the world’s finest brewers—as brewers and growers gather to celebrate the harvest season.

The event is separated into two sessions, each two days long, which are tailored to different groups—Commercial brewers and New, Nano and Homebrewers. All attendees will experience presentations provided by award-winning brewers from across the United States speaking on hop usage, recipe formulation and brewing methods. Local hop farmers are also in attendance to address the numerous growing aspects of hops—from yields and aroma characteristics to new, up and coming proprietary varieties. Presentation topics vary from year-to-year.

Each Hop & Brew School class also includes a ranch tour of the hop fields where you can witness hop picking, drying and baling, as well as a guided tour of YCH HOPS, where you will observe the receiving and warehousing of the hops. Yakima Chief – Hopunion also hosts a welcome reception the night before each session, both of which are open to all attendees. To read about the 2015 Hop & Brew School experience, check out our blog articles: Session One and Session Two. We look forward to connecting with our 2016 Hop & Brew School brewers and beer lovers this summer!

2016 Hop & Brew School Presentations

Trends in Homebrewing - Gary Glass

The State of Craft Brewing - Bart Watson

Sustainability at YCH - Talia Ibarguen

Quality at YCH - Zach Turner

Planning to Go Pro: What You Need to Know About Supply - David Richter

Planning for the Future - Steve Carpenter & Ryan Hopkins

Opening and Expanding a Brewery - Matt Couch

Opening and Expanding a Brewery - Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

Hop Breeding - Jason Perrault

Experimental Brewing: Recipe Design and Evaluation - Denny Conn

Brewing with Lupulin Powder - Joe Mohrfield

Brewers' Assessment of Hop at Harvest - Van Havig