Great American Beer Festival

Great American Beer Festival

10/05/2017 - 10/07/2017

The Great American Beer Festival is one of the most notable national beer festivals to date, serving the largest collection of US beer ever served in a public tasting event. With the number of US craft breweries at an all-time high, GABF has become the most popular beer event since it began in 1982, gathering beer enthusiasts from all over the nation.

Attendees also have the opportunity to meet some of the brewers and brewmasters, as they travel from booth-to-booth, tasting new brews as well as old favorites. In addition, brewers are invited to compete in a private competition, bringing together diverse beers and breweries that contribute to the thriving US craft beer industry.

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If you are in the area for GABF, join us for our annual Alpha King Challenge Friday from 1-4pm at Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Denver as judges determine the best hop-centric beer from over 100 entries submitted by commercial brewers from all over the US. For more information about this special battle of the brews, and to read about the 2016 Alpha King, click here.