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Thank you for your interest in YCH HOPS! We're honored that you have chosen to work with us and look forward to providing you with premium quality hops and hop products for many years to come.

In order to service breweries of all sizes, YCH HOPS has established a strategic market segmentation partnership with The Country Malt Group (CMG) based on annual production per region, as outlined below.

  • Pacific Northwest - 1,000 barrels
  • Pacific, Mountain West & Midwest - 2,500 barrels
  • Northeast & South - 5,000 barrels

If you are an international customer or brewery within the United States producing more than the provided threshold, please continue to fill out the form below. If you are a brewery within the United States producing less than the threshold, please download the CMG New Account Request Form and contact The Country Malt Group.

To find more information about our sales regions or to contact a member of our sales team, please click here.

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