Yakima Chief - Hopunion seeks to be an employer of choice. We are committed to investing in the people of the communities we serve and strive to provide a gratifying work environment with competitive wages and strong investments in employee development. If you are interested in participating in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment and growing alongside other energetic employees, we hope you'll consider applying for one of the positions below. We are always looking for skilled and passionate individuals to join our team!

There are 3 available positions.

Laboratory Research & Lead Technician

The purpose of this position is to analyze the samples presented in the lab by the company or customers.

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Inventory Control Supervisor

The purpose of this position is to implement barcode and scanning hardware and software, and expand the system throughout the warehousing and production facilities to have 100% functionality and integration into X3 for real-time, accurate, reporting for x3 users.

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Distributor Accounts Director

The purpose of this position is to lead and manage all aspects of Distributor Accounts department and assist the Chief Executive Officer in order to accomplish the strategic goals of coordinating the corresponding goals of wholesale and distributor customers so that the mission vision and of Yakima Chief-Hopunion can be most effectively accomplished.

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